Weihrauch Air Rifles

Weihrauch Air Rifles
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Weihrauch Air Rifles

Weihrauch Air Rifles precision air guns and bolt- action rifles are engineered and manufactured in accordance with the latest sporting arms technology. Perfection andinnovation are the aims Weihrauch rifles live up to. Weihrauch give priority to ensuring constant development and modification of their products so that they continue to meet the varied demands and requirements of the market.

Weihrauch use tried and tested special materials for construction not only the barrels but also numerous other components. The precision, dimensional accuracy and correct temper of the various parts are constantly and carefully monitored by experienced experts. The use of highly modern production machinery helps to ensure that these demands are complied with at all times. It is this production technology, combined with decades of experience, that forms the expertise with which our hobby, sports and hunting guns are manufactured, in top quality, for maximum performance and a long service life.

For air rifles, air pistols, and accessories, Weihrauch are a German manufacturer that are a byword for quality. Known for incredible air rifles like the Weihrauch HW80, HW100 and HW97k and are known for their well built construction and durability.

Weihrauch was founded in 1899 in the German town of Zella-Mehlis, the same place where Walther began production. Founder Hermann Weihrauch was recognised as a maker of excellent hunting rifles, and it wasn’t long before his three sons joined the organisation.

The would produce a variety of smallbore and rimfire rifles, and shotguns in the early part of the 20th century. War and circumstance stopped the production of firearms for some time, before in the early 1950s, son and gunsmith Otto Walther would being production of airguns once more.

By the 1970s, Weihrauch began one of the first collaborations between a German manufacturer and an American distribution company when they began working with Beeman. Over the years they have pioneered innovations in the airguns market with work such as the Theoben gas-spring system (designed in conjunction with British firm, Theoben).

Weihrauch Air Rifles
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